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                VALT Accessories

                Intelligent Video Solutions has developed a line of custom-built accessories for the VALT platform.? Each of the products below have been architected by our development team to leverage the power of the network through the VALT API.? These physical interfaces and displays can streamline workflows, solve business problems or enhance security and compliance.

                VALT Schedule Display


                Touch enabled display screen

                • 7” wall mount LCD
                • Display today’s VALT room recording schedule
                • Display recording status
                • On screen buttons for start/stop/pause and privacy mode

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                VALT Smart Button

                4 programmable physical buttons plus 3.5” LED display

                • Dual gang wall plate
                • Start/stop/pause VALT room recording
                • Display recording status
                • Add marker to recording in progress
                • Enable privacy mode

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                VALT Key Pad

                Start/stop capability for authorized users

                • Wall plate mount
                • Pin code/ID tied to VALT user
                • Recording status text display
                • User permissions applied to session

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                VALT Privacy Switch

                Enable privacy mode to restrict access to view or record video

                • Single gang wall plate
                • Lighted rocker switch
                • Green = video on network
                • Dark = no video on network

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                VALT Button

                Start/stop capability in or near the room

                • Single gang wall plate
                • Push button
                • LED indicator
                • Light = recording in progress

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